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How to Name a Website?

October 13, 2011

How to name a website? What to name a website? These are all questions that you need to really think about, because in reality, this can make or break your website. So choose carefully.

What goes into choosing a website name? Let’s see, shall we:

- What kind of website is it?

- Do you want a brand new name or a name that has aged already(very important)?

- How much are you willing to spend on website name?

- How many characters does the name have?

As you can see, a lot of thinking should go into how to name your website. This is a website you want people to see and you also want your website to succeed in the internet world.

So let’s start with what kind of website is it? Obviously if it’s a health and fitness website, you don’t want to name it websitewitheverything.com, because as you stated, it’s about health and fitness, not about everything.  So something along the lines of trainforfitness.com would be more appropriate.

Do you want a brand new name or a name that has aged already?  Well a brand new name is something that you can get for 12 dollars a year at godaddy, however purchasing a premium name is a one time fee for the first year, anywhere from a hundred dollars to ten thousand dollars for a premium domain name.  What makes it premium you ask, any number of reasons, it could be a really common name or phrase, it could have age on it (age is where someone has had the domain name for a amount of time and no longer wants it), it could have website traffic already coming to it, or any combination of these things.  I recommend getting a premium domain name with at least 30 to 90 days of age on it, 25 letters or less (no numbers, hyphens, ect.), and it is a common phrase or word.

Deluxe Hosting Go DEconomy Price from GoDaddy.com!

If you can afford the hundred to five hundred dollars for a premium domain name, I suggest you get it.  Google takes anywhere from 60 to 180 days to really list and rank your website.  So this will save you time and effort getting your website seen, not to mention most of the good names are already taken.

I stick to the 25 letters or less rule, the shorter, the better.  The more common a phrase or word, the more it’s going to be searched on google.  Try not to put any hyphens in it, or anything that is not a letter, it makes it hard to remember for the viewer who you want to remember what your website is called.

A couple of website names that you can get for a few hundred dollars or less I have listed below.







So there you have it, how to name your website should be alot easier if you implement these tips given above, good luck with your domain name search and your website.

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